Pubdate: Tue, 29 Jul 2008
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Terrace Standard
Author: Derek Pedro


Dear Sir:

I'm writing about the person charged with one marijuana offence and
under investigation for another. Now police are looking into whether
or not this person told Health Canada he was charged before obtaining
his exemption.

Health Canada does not care if you were recently charged with
marijuana offences. Nor will it in any way impede the process of
acquiring an exemption. This is pure propaganda.

Let me remind this officer and like minded thinkers that only doctors
make the decisions when it comes to medical marijuana. Health Canada
can only rubber stamp our applications in an incredibly untimely
fashion. I am sorry to say but this cop is powerless to that fact and
can only fight back with misinformation.

A 2003 ruling clearly states that the person shall be exempt from the
law if medical necessity can be proved. Just as I said, our doctors
are our protection.

Interestingly it is of my opinion that this person could always have
benefited from marijuana. Therefore his criminal record should not include
his prior marijuana arrests. Also, being an exemptee who has had my rights
violated by police bullying I would like to show you some text right out of
our medical marijuana program. It is a paragraph that gives us exemptees a
false sense of security, and a perfect example of how police treat
marijuana, and sick and or dying Canadians:

"To reduce the possibility of police intervention when you engage in
activities allowed under your authorization or licence, if asked,
Health Canada will communicate limited authorization and licence
information to Canadian police in response to a request in the context
of an investigation under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act , or
the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations."

I find the phrase "if asked" ludicrous. It gives the police the option
to check and see if this person they suspect is legally licensed.
Stress, as anyone can tell you will and can sicken an already immune
system, cause depression, marital turmoil and so on.

Derek Pedro,
Hamilton, Ontario
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