Pubdate: Sun, 27 Jul 2008
Source: Alamogordo Daily News (NM)
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Author: Elva K. Osterreich
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Looking again for public opinion, Alamogordo Public Schools invites
the community to talk about random drug  testing for high school and
middle school students.

At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, a public forum will look at reasons for
testing students for drugs, and reasons for  not testing.

One of the first questions is who gets tested, said Joe Jaramillo,
director of the APS career and technology  department. A policy now
being considered by the school  district is to randomly test students
who participate in activities outside of school hours, not all
students. Should testing encompass all competitive activities or just
athletics, Jaramillo asked? Other  competitive groups include band,
orchestra and FFA.

"The whole purpose is to look at how do you use something like that
to benefit the kids?" Jaramillo  said. "This is really important for
the public to look  at."

Jaramillo said he does not know if the school board will implement a
drug testing policy but he feels members are heavily leaning towards

Drug testing is a fact of life in the adult world where many jobs
require it, he said.

The whole idea is prevention oriented, Jaramillo said. The schools
are not out to "get" the students but to  discourage negative and self
destructive behavior, he said.

"We want to go in as proactivly as possible," Jaramillo said. "If you
don't do things in partnership with the community it's hard to get
things accomplished."

The recommended drug policy is posted at the APS Web site at and can be picked up at Jaramillo's office at 1211
Hawaii Ave.

Jaramillo encouraged those who plan to attend the meeting to look at
the document to be prepared to  discuss the policy. Copies will also
be available during the forum.
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