Pubdate: Mon, 21 Jul 2008
Source: Northumberland News (CN ON)
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Author: Stockwell Day


To the Editor:

Re: Warkworth prison could close

It is important that your readers have all the facts with respect to 
our government's transformation of our long-neglected corrections system.

I would first like to assure the residents of Northumberland-Quinte 
West that your strongest advocate on this and other issues is your 
Member of Parliament Rick Norlock. Rick has personally raised this 
issue with me. He is proactive and very vocal when it comes to 
speaking up for what's important and he is a good example of what an 
elected representative should be.

In Budget 2008, our government announced its intent to fundamentally 
transform the federal corrections system.

This transformation process will begin by reinforcing safety and 
security in federal correctional institutions through the detection 
and elimination of drugs and the implementation of strategies to 
address gang problems in the facilities.

Recommendations to the government by the Corrections Review Panel 
include increased offender accountability, such as the concept of 
earned parole.

Also, among the 109 recommendations, the review committee asked the 
government to consider large regional institutions as opposed to 
smaller facilities. Regrettably, current infrastructure was neglected 
for years by the previous government.

However, no decisions have been taken with regard to the potential 
construction of such complexes, or with regard to the consolidation 
of facilities that may be required. Any considerations related to 
infrastructure would be several years in the future and only 
following careful consultations locally, regionally and nationally.

Be assured that your Member of Parliament Rick Norlock has been a 
vital part of this process.

Hon. Stockwell Day Minister of Public Safety
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