Pubdate: Wed, 2 Jul 2008
Source: Idaho Mountain Express (ID)
Copyright: 2008 Express Publishing, Inc
Author: Ralph Givens


Columnist Dick Dorworth dances around the true reason LSD was
outlawed. Authorities were more than a little fearful of being exposed
for the lying frauds they are. They knew for a fact that an LSD trip
could undermine years of propaganda and opinion molding. Back in the
1960s when LSD was still legal, trippers saw Washington bigwigs
thumping for the Vietnam War and instantly and without exception
responded, "They're lying!" LSD enabled trippers to "see" the lies
flashing out of McNamara et al like overamped strobe lights.

LSD has the power to rip away fraudulent masks more effectively than
Nero Wolfe, Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes and Eliot Ness
put together. A psychedelic mind set refuses to become cannon fodder
in a needless Vietnam War for lunatic warriors like Richard Nixon.
After they "turned on" they set out to stop such brutal nonsense and
they did.

The only "danger" LSD posed to users was having lifelong beliefs
exposed as lies. We had dozens of Acid Tests and everyone always went
home in control of their senses. Bum trippers were "talked down" in a
matter of minutes by experts. There was only one problem. Everyone
went away with far less respect for the "establishment."

The fear of politicians that they would no longer be able to fool the
public is the only reason LSD and other psychedelics are illegal.

The list of drug-caused deaths never includes marijuana or

Ralph Givens

Daly City, Calif.
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