Pubdate: Mon, 30 Jun 2008
Source: Barrie Examiner (CN ON)
Copyright: 2008 Osprey Media Group Inc.
Author: Alison Myrden


To the Editor:

I take great offense at an article recently published in the Barrie
Examiner June 17, 2008 entitled "Residential marijuana grow-op
troubling, Midland cop says"

I am a a retired Law Enforcement Officer in Canada and also a
federally licensed cannabis patient for the indication of chronic
progressive multiple sclerosis and an excruciating pain in my face
twenty four hours a day associated with MS called "tic

I have constant chronic, debilitating pain and rely heavily on large
amounts of cannabis for relief. Just who does Sgt. Peter DeCoursy of
the Midland police think he is???

My Physician has prescribed me well over one hundred and thirty
cannabis plants just for ME, to alleviate my pain and discomfort from
my disease and to help me eliminate over two thirds of my forty pill a
day regime, which I have taken for the past sixteen years.

With copious amounts of cannabis I can cut my prescription pill intake
by two thirds. I am not unusual in this issue. Many patients have
large numbers of cannabis plants allotted to them on prescription as
we can lose up to half of them right off the top if they are male as
these are no good to us.

Does this seem like a problem of diversion for those of us so

I think not.

In regards to the grow operation being found close to a school, THIS
is why I do what I do.

All drugs should be legalized and regulated and treated the same way
we treat alcohol and tobacco in this Country. Put an age limit on
them, pull them out of the street market and let people who know what
they are doing in our Government take control.

Please drop by LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition for more

Sincerely, Alison Myrden

Federal Medical Marijuana Exemptee in Canada

The Medical Marijuana Mission

Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Leading Female Speaker for LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Burlington, Ontario
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