Pubdate: Thu, 26 Jun 2008
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Langley Times
Author: Tony Smith


Editor: I will very willingly take up the challenge laid down by Clayton
Randle (letters, The Times, June 18).

For starters as to Clayton's sly statement regarding smokes, I will
state that I have never used any illegal substances. I hope Clayton's
record is as clear, and he does not abuse alcohol. Let's leave that,
as this level of sniping is usually reserved for question period in
the House.

The last time I checked, Mexico also has a parliamentary

There are clearly gang wars happening across our country, as in
Mexico. Only a tiny proportion will ever be solved, as few witnesses
in their right mind ever testify. Those who do will usually retract
their statements in fear of their lives. Usually the only witnesses to
be found will be vicious criminal thugs, who are offered millions of
dollars for their testimony.

The gangs at present are not targeting outsiders but they have no
compunction about their incidental killing, as we have seen in both
Surrey and Toronto. They have targeted outsiders however.

Ask Michel Auger, a Montreal journalist who was shot five times when
his last column gave too much information about the Montreal gang
scene. At some point when it becomes necessary, they will take that
next step.

The vast profit to be made from illegal drugs is what drives all of
this violence. World drug trade represents seven per cent of all trade.

I suspect Clayton follows the old adage "most people prefer to believe
what they prefer to be true."

I represent LEAP (Law Enforcement against Prohibition), and can be
contacted through

Tony Smith,
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