Pubdate: Thu, 19 Jun 2008
Source: North Bay Nugget (CN ON)
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Author: Jenny Potter
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Crime Stoppers Celebrates 20 Years

Near North Crime Stoppers is celebrating 20 years of  anonymous calls 
and catching criminals in the North Bay  area.

The tips line has brought in 11,160 crime tips that led  to 1,330 
arrests since its inception in 1988.

Jean Lemieux has been working as the police  co-ordinator for six 
years and said his most memorable  case was a drug bust a number of 
years ago when $4,000  worth of marijuana was seized after a tip was 
called in  anonymously.

It is rewarding because you do make a difference in  what's going 
on," said Lemieux.

The Near North chapter got its start in June 1988 with  help from the 
Hamilton branch, which worked to form a  board and train volunteers.

"It was a relatively new idea when we started out,"  said Art 
Appleton, a Near North Crime Stoppers board  member for all 20 years.

The thing that attracted people was that the info on  criminal 
activity was provided anonymously," Appleton  said.

Crime Stoppers is an independent organization that  works as a 
middle-man between people with information  and the police.

People know what's going on but sometimes they are  afraid to talk to 
the police or don't want to go to  court," said Lemieux.

Every day people call with tips. Close to 50 per cent  of the tips we 
receive are drug related."

Crime Stoppers also helps solve break-ins, fraud and  poaching cases.

Now it works as a crime prevention program because if  you can raise 
the chances of people being detected,  then people will think twice 
before committing a  crime," said Appleton.

He said Crime Stoppers creates an important network  that connects 
crime information across the province,  helping to find the missing 
links in mysterious cases.

In 2007 the Near North chapter received 560 tips that  lead to 37 
arrests, and gave out $7,140 in rewards.

Close to 75 per cent of people don't want the reward,"  said Lemieux.

To mark its 20th year in operation, the North Crime  Stoppers will 
celebrate with cake, coffee and giveaways  today at 1 p. m. at 
Northgate Shopping Centre near  Future Shop.

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2007 Tips received: 560 Arrests made: 37 Rewards paid: $7,140

2006 Tips received: 556 Arrests made: 33 Rewards paid: $7,150

2005 Tips received: 656 Arrests made: 79

Rewards paid: $10,090

2004 Tips received: 591 Arrests made: 72

Rewards paid: $14,200

2003 Tips received: 556 Arrests made: 97

Rewards paid: $12,890
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