Pubdate: Tue, 27 May 2008
Source: Nelson Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Nelson Daily News
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Author: Bruce Codere


To the Editor:

Re: Accused could feel and smell - the support (NDN, May 6, 2008)

I've read transcriptions of all articles written about the trial of
the Holy Smoke crew.  The coverage has been honest and fair.  No legal
case involving the sale of Cannabis has held my attention like this
one.  They deserve to be back in business and expanding using the
brilliant approach they developed.

My wife and I have twice been to Nelson and would make it home if it
were as easy as that.  We've been to Holy Smoke and wonder what it was
like in the day.

The forces opposing Earth's most versatile medicinally active plant
are fanatic and relentless.  Only they benefit from prohibition.
These people are a minority, yet we have given them tremendous power
over us.  This madness will stop.  Their lies are breaking down.

Standing up to these people and speaking for millions who are devoted
to cannabis, the Holy Smoke crew and those who testified at their
trial have shown us all how respect for the plant, people and due
process can bring out the best in us.  I applaud them and wish them
the best.

Bruce Codere

Fox Creek, AB
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