Pubdate: Thu, 1 May 2008
Source: Mirror (CN QU)
Copyright: 2008 Communications Gratte-Ciel Ltee
Author: Mike Guetta


[Re: "Prohibition, pot and politics," News, April 24] The poor marijuana
activists who are saddened by the "coincidence" that Parliament is dissolved
every time their milquetoast bill nears discussion are hopelessly naive.

The government are never going to willingly get rid of any drug law,
no matter which party is in power. They are all lawyers and an
alarmingly large fraction of legal fees come from drug trials.

The only way to combat these harmful and unjust laws is through a
legal process known as Jury Nullification. This goes back to the Magna
Carta, and has been used to secure rights we take completely for
granted today, such as the freedoms of speech and religion. Most
recently, it resulted in the repeal of Canada's abortion laws.

Lawyers have been trying to hide its existence since the late 1800s,
not wanting to give up any of their power or authority, but it was
recently unambiguously upheld by a Canadian Supreme Court decision
written by Morris Fish.

It's certainly a topic worthy of an article. Had I the time, I would
start an organization devoted to educating Canadians as to their right
to decide according to their conscience while serving on a jury.

Thomas Jefferson called Jury Nullification, "The only mechanism yet
invented by which a government can be held to the principles of its

Check out the Wikipedia article for starters. You'll be

Mike Guetta
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