Pubdate: Sat, 03 May 2008
Source: Chronicle Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2008 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: Dennis E. Parry


Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada said it's unconstitutional to 
randomly search schools for drugs with sniffer dogs and the same for 
a person getting off a bus in Calgary.

What about my rights and the rights of my kids? Don't they have the 
right to go to school and not be faced with drugs? Bring on the 
sniffer dogs! I welcome them because I am not afraid. I don't use 
dope. Nor do my kids.

If I get off a long-distance bus, search me. I'd rather have my 
neighbours there, or wherever, know they're alright around me. Isn't 
that my right? Am I not allowed to look forward to having enjoyment 
of life, protection of body? The Supreme Court wants me to give up my 
rights to protect lunatics and losers?

People want to have unprotected sex, people want to carry guns and 
knives, people want to buy and sell and use dope. Then that is your 
right. OK? But you face the consequences - you - not me.

Dennis E. Parry, Yarmouth
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