Pubdate: Sun, 04 May 2008
Source: Ogdensburg Journal/Advance News (NY)
Copyright: 2008 Johnson Newspaper Corp.
Author: Stan White


To The Editor:

Larry Seguin (letter: Legalize Pot, April 27, 2008), got an arrow
splitting bulls-eye exposing the cost detriment of the Luciferous
prohibition of cannabis (marijuana).

Additional benefits of re-legalizing the plant include allowing free
American farmers to cultivate hemp, which will help America's fuel
needs and is more cost and environmentally efficient than using corn.
Even Community Chinese farmers grow hemp. Re-legalizing cannabis also
adds credibility to any war on drugs and helps youth resist honest
hard drugs, lowering addiction rates in America. It surely would
dispatch police back to serving and protecting citizens more. In fact
if we consider all the problems associated with cannabis prohibition,
it makes intelligent life wonder why it took so long to end one of the
biggest policy failures of American history.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.
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