Pubdate: Tue, 15 Apr 2008
Source: Santa Maria Times (CA)
Copyright: 2008 Lee Central Coast Newspapers
Author: Linda Collard


I'm writing about a recent meeting declining a medical  marijuana dispensary.

These meetings have happened quite a few times, and  never mentioned 
on the news or in the papers before  they happen. How are the people 
who want to support  them to know about them? They seem to be kept 
secret  until afterward, then reporters seem to wonder why  there was 
no opposition present.

I have friends who smoke, and it mellows them out and  lessens their 
pain. I have been with a couple of drunks  over the years. They were 
both very abusive when they  were drinking. When they sobered up, 
they were oh, so  sorry for being monsters.

With marijuana, I've never seen anyone get abusive,  just laid back and mellow.

Marijuana does not lead a smoker to do other, more  dangerous drugs. 
If one does, then they would have  anyway. Anything you smoke is 
likely to do damage to  your lungs, but people still smoke 
cigarettes, and they  are legal. Booze is legal if you're over 21, 
and look  at all the damage that causes.

Then there's the problem of prison overcrowding. So  many people who 
cultivate and sell weed are in prison,  with drunk drivers, child 
rapists and murderers. What  kind of sense does that make?

Legalize pot and you will be taking out a lot of prison  population. 
You would still have meth producers and  heroin smugglers, but they 
are the real bad guys, not  the pot sellers.

Linda Collard

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