Pubdate: Fri, 11 Apr 2008
Source: Daily Triplicate, The (CA)
Copyright: 2008 Western Communications, Inc.
Author: Anne Marie Duncan, M.D.


Last Tuesday, at the County Board of Supervisors meeting, I presented
a petition on behalf of the medical community, supporting lowering the
allowable quantity of medical marijuana.

The petition, which was not mentioned in The Triplicate's coverage,
included the signatures of over 40 health care providers, including
our two trauma, two resident emergency room physicians, obstetrician,
orthopedic surgeon, hospitalist, as well as family practice, pediatric
and internal medicine specialists.

The signatures were gathered over the weekend by my husband, Dr.
Gregory Duncan, and submitted to the board in advance of the meeting.

The concern of the medical community is the widespread and increasing
abuse of our county statute, which allows marijuana cultivation and
possession greatly exceeding the state average. This allows growers to
sell excess product, which is readily available in our schools and

My husband joined the effort to reduce allowable marijuana possession
limits after treating patients who had injured themselves, or harmed
others, while driving under the influence of marijuana.

The proposed statute allows six mature or 12 immature plants, plus 8
ounces of dried marijuana. This statute, which was tabled by the board
for further study, follows established state guidelines, and balances
the needs of medicinal users with the goal of reducing illicit use of
the drug.

Anne Marie Duncan, M.D.

Crescent City
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