Pubdate: Wed, 02 Apr 2008
Source: Burnaby Newsleader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Burnaby Newsleader
Author: Jodie Fouks


The letter that Danni Louvros wrote (We need more jails, NewsLeader,
March 22) has some flaws, which I would like to address. To start, the
homeless situation is not that bad, as there are other countries that
are more impoverished than Canada. Second, the statement about our
needing more jails for these so called "undesirables" is not what they
need to be productive members of society.

His statement that these "undesirables" should be in jail, and more
jails should be built is ludicrous. Putting these people in jail is
not the way to go. These people commit crimes because of their drug
addictions and also because they are not on medication. When these
people commit crimes, they are put in jail and when they come out,
they continue on the path they were on before, because there is not
much help offered to them. Instead of throwing them into jail and
giving up on them, why not get them into drug rehabilitation programs,
off the streets and employed?


New Westminster
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