Pubdate: Thu, 27 Mar 2008
Source: Stabroek News (Guyana)
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There is currently no mandatory drug testing programme for police and
prison officers and while the Police Act  does not provide for this
the prisons service is not  averse to implementing such a programme,
Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said in a written answer in the 
National Assembly yesterday.

GAP-ROAR Member of Parliament Everall Franklin had asked Rohee to
inform the National Assembly if such a  programme existed for ranks
within the two disciplined  services. He also asked Rohee if such a
programme existed, how often ranks were tested or to provide  reasons
if this was not so.

In his written response Rohee stated that no mandatory drug testing
programme existed within either force, and  in the case of the Police
Force, such a programme was not provided for in the Police Act.

He noted that the administration of the Prison Service has never
found the prevalence of drug use among its  ranks as an issue of
concern and so has never advocated  the introduction of a programme of
this kind for ranks.

Rohee added that the prison department is however not averse to the
implementation of a drug testing  programme since it would allow for
the screening of staff in an effort to determine whether they are
under  the influence of any narcotic drug while discharging  their

Rohee noted that any such mandatory testing would have to be part of
government's policy of drug testing for  recruitment into the Public
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