Pubdate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008
Source: Tryon Daily Bulletin, The (NC)
Copyright: 2008 Tryon Daily Bulletin
Author: Steve Marlowe


To the Editor:

Yes, again I have been indicted and in April I'll be fighting for my 
life again - trying to stay out of prison for growing marijuana. The 
law says, "No, it's against the law". I say they're wrong; that 
sometimes common sense and what's right outweighs the law. And in my 
and Jean's situation, this is the case.

In court, here in Polk County, a judge settled this ten years ago. 
The Sheriff, Chris Abril knows this. Jeff Hunt, the DA, knows this. I 
don't mind going back to court again. The truth is the truth and, in 
the end, the truth will be what stands.

I respect what the law stands for, and I know we must have law. From 
the beginning, I said I knew the warrants were based on lies. I told 
the Sheriff they were based on lies. He looked me in the eye and lied to me.

I no longer have any respect for Sheriff Chris Abril and in court, 
when my case is over,  everyone will see why.

I'm standing up for the people who are too sick to stand up. I wish 
that everyone who reads this letter will stand up with me. As a 
citizen, it is your duty to stand up. Write or call your legislators; 
write the newspaper. Make your voice count. I am proud of who I am. I 
care about the sick and suffering.

Steve Marlowe
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