Pubdate: Sat, 16 Feb 2008
Source: Columbus Dispatch (OH)
Copyright: 2008 The Columbus Dispatch
Author: Tim Doulin
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Marijuana Found In Worthington Police'S Search Of Cars  In Parking Lot

Drug-sniffing dogs helped police confiscate marijuana  and related
paraphernalia yesterday morning from a  handful of student vehicles at
Thomas Worthington High  School.

The drug sweep was conducted at the request of the  administration and
students, Worthington police said.

"We had had several drug-related incidents over at the  school," Sgt.
John Slaughter said. "The school thought  it was a good idea. They
discussed it apparently with  the student council, had meetings with
them and came to  the conclusion this might be a good idea."

No criminal charges were filed yesterday, but could  come later,
Slaughter said. Police were still sifting  through the evidence and
did not have an amount of  drugs seized.

"We haven't even discussed specifically charging anyone  at this point
in time," Slaughter said. "We are going  to go back and review all the
information we have and  take a look at what we have got, talk to
everybody  involved and go from there."

Students and teachers were confined to classrooms as  police and K-9
units swept the high-school parking lots  about 8:45 a.m.

Dogs alerted police to 13 vehicles, out of about 450,  in the parking

The owners of all but one of those vehicles allowed  police to conduct
searches. Police impounded the other  vehicle and planned to obtain a
warrant to search it.

Marijuana, drug paraphernalia, drug sales and  distribution equipment,
and a knife were seized from  six of the searched vehicles.

Students who are linked to the vehicles that contained  drugs will
face discipline from the school, a district  spokeswoman said.

"The school discipline policy would suggest there will  be
suspensions," Vicki Gnezda said.

"Students did suggest to the principal that this would  be an
appropriate activity given an increase in (drug  and alcohol)
incidents" at the school, she said.
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