Pubdate: Thu, 14 Feb 2008
Source: New Paltz Oracle (SUNY, NY Edu)
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Author: Jimmy Petrich, Staff Writer


NORML/SSDP is under new management this semester and has many new and 
annual events planned for this spring.

NORML/SSDP is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana 
Laws and Students for Sensible Drug Policy and it is described on as "the comprehensive drug policy reform organization 
at SUNY New Paltz." It is also the organization that puts together 
Rock Against Racism.

NORML/SSDP is now run by co-presidents Stephen Morseman, George Selby 
and Adam Yellin. They have put together a comprehensive list of 
things they wish to accomplish this semester at their last meeting. 
They intend to make NORML/SSDP the active force, using the slogan on 
their Facebook group, "Fight the stoner stereotype and get active!"

The biggest event planned is Rock Against Racism. The event is 
planned for April 27, 2008. The Rock Against Racism Planning Posse, 
as they call themselves, is working on getting acts such as San 
Francisco DJ Bassnectar, and hip-hop artist M1.

"There will also be guest speakers speaking on issues involving the 
drug war and racial issues," said Morseman a junior political science 
and international relations major.

Additionally, they are planning a Know Your Rights campaign in which 
they will be screening "Busted," a movie that teaches people how to 
deal with cops in drug related situations. There will also be a 
presentation and a Question and Answer session with university 
police, town police and lawyers. The event is planned for some time 
around April 1.

NORML plans to conduct an effective survey of student opinion of the 
current drug policies on campus. "This is to give the administration 
hard empirical information and students' opinions on the drug policy 
on campus," said Morseman.

They hope to show movies, documentaries, and even concerts in the 
lecture center on a weekly basis.

There is also a large fundraising campaign going on already to fix 
the pot leaf light displayed in the window of the NORML office room 
in the SUB and to help fund Rock Against Racism. Sarah Flamenbaum a 
junior, was outside the Humanities building last week selling pot 
leaf shaped cookies to raise money to fix the pot leaf yelling out, 
"How many of you came to New Paltz because you saw the pot leaf in 
the SUB window?"

On May 3, NORML will be part of the Marijuana March, which is a march 
by students all over the world calling out to legalize marijuana. 
"Over 200 cities all over the world will be involved," said Morseman.

NORML will also host many "legal smoke outs" where they will have 
hookahs and rolled cigarettes.

If you are interested in the group and wish to get involved, you can 
check out their Facebook group or their page on,  There is no regular meeting place or time, 
but most meetings are on Wednesdays. 
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