Pubdate: Fri, 08 Feb 2008
Source: Rutland Herald (VT)
Copyright: 2008 Rutland Herald
Author: Rita Phelps


I would like to congratulate the mayor of Rutland on his swift action 
on behalf of the people of his city. It has become obvious that 
violent organized drug crime is making Rutland County a scary place 
to live. The level of the violence that has happened in the county 
over the last two years is unprecedented in this county. The state of 
Vermont and the federal government cannot expect the Rutland City 
Police Department, or the small local police departments, to foot the 
bill and provide the resources to stop or even slow the influx of 
organized crime coming from New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and 
parts beyond. Rutland City just by the nature of its location as a 
city located on the major east-west corridor, between New York and 
Maine, and the north south corridor between Montreal and major cities 
in southern New England, makes it the ideal area to set up 
distribution points for the drug cartels. This county and this city 
need support from the governments beyond our own local governments.

In addition, we need our citizens to be vigilant to what is going on 
in their neighborhoods and make the calls to the authorities to 
provide information on suspicious activity. We also need those 
authorities to be responsive in a professional courteous responsive 
manner. The public is the front line on this war on drugs. The public 
and the police department need to be very respectful and supportive 
of each other on this matter. If the police have the manpower and 
resources to do their job, I am sure that we can make Rutland County 
and Rutland City a better place to live and raise our families, and 
own businesses and properties.


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