Pubdate: Fri, 08 Feb 2008
Source: Liverpool Echo (UK)
Copyright: 2008 Trinity Mirror North West & North Wales Limited
Author: Martyn Barber, City of Liverpool Conservative Party


Despite recent headlines in the ECHO stating that crime is at its
lowest level in Liverpool since 2003, the latest national crime
statistics paint a completely different picture.

They showed a 4% increase in gun crime recorded by police and a 21%
increase in drug offences.

These latest official figures show that Labour is failing to combat
both violent crime and its causes fuelled by Labour's chaotic drugs

The government's complacency shows they are part of the problem, not
the solution. If burglary and car crime are falling it is because
vehicles and property are more secure. Crime has been displaced to
much more vicious and harmful sectors.

The Conservative Party would reclassify cannabis and establish a
dedicated UK Border Police to stop illegal drugs and weapons flowing
in through our porous borders. We would put police on the streets to
catch and deter drug dealers and those who use guns, and we would
ensure sufficient prison capacity so they could actually be punished.

Cllr Martyn Barber, City of Liverpool Conservative Party
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