Pubdate: Tue, 05 Feb 2008
Source: Lima News (OH)
Copyright: 2008 Freedom Newspapers Inc.
Author: Elliott S. Rose


Before legalizing drugs, the following serious economic impact must 
be considered:

Thousands of drug dealers would be unemployed, as would be those 
engaged in the manufacturing process and smuggling of drugs.

Those receiving unreported discretionary income from those in the 
drug trade -- mainly law enforcement officials responsible for 
enforcing laws against the manufacturing, sale and the use of illegal 
drugs such officials as police, judges, customs officials border 
control agents, etc. -- would be losing a viable source of their 
income, which might affect their discretionary spending on luxury 
goods, future retirement and overall style of living.

If those receiving this income could be persuaded to report it 
without fear of penalty, the national debt could be substantially 
reduced. Since tax returns are considered confidential, there should 
not be any concern in doing this. It might also help clear the 
conscience somewhat of those involved.

Abolish all penalties against the use of drugs and free those 
currently in prison for their use.

The alternative: The use of drugs should be legalized by making them 
available through drug stores (pharmacies), where they should be 
dispensed the same as any other over-the-counter drug. Perhaps they 
could be sold under brand names such as other products. The Food and 
Drug Administration should control quality.

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