Pubdate: Tue, 30 Dec 2008
Source: Montgomery Advertiser (AL)
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Author: Sarah Wires


Regarding the subject of compassionate care and medical marijuana in 
our state, please consider that there is a pill called Merinol that 
is the man-made form of marijuana. Its main ingredient is THC. And 
some against medical legalization will say, even argue, that the pill 
form exists and there is no need for another form, the smoked form.

Please know that because the pharmaceutical companies have developed 
this pill, they have proved that marijuana and the main active 
ingredient, THC, does, in fact, have medical properties. It is no 
longer a question of whether it has medical/clinically proved 
benefits; apparently the pharmaceutical companies believe it does, as 
well as the doctors who have prescribed marijuana/THC in any form.

People are suffering in our state and are having to beg for the 
medicine they have proven works for them in their illness, and we are 
arguing about the route to administer it by or if they should be 
allowed to use it at all. How arrogant and judgmental are we? Where 
is our compassion?

How long will the war on marijuana; which is a war against our fellow 
citizens, go on? With Merinol costing around $600 per 100 tablets, 
the pharmaceutical companies are hoping it is a long time. Please 
support the Compassionate Care Act by calling your representatives in 
the Alabama Legislature when it comes up for consideration.

Sarah Wires

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