Pubdate: Wed, 17 Dec 2008
Source: Cape Times (South Africa)
Copyright: 2008 Cape Times


A drug den erected outside a council-owned property has been demolished - 
but by its former occupants, who beat officials to the punch and knocked 
the structure down before it could be broken down by Metro Police.

Mayor Helen Zille and the Metro Police's drug unit went to Langa early on 
Wednesday morning to demolish the structure, but discovered that their work 
had been done for them.

Earlier this month the City of Cape Town evicted people from the 
council-owned residential property because drugs were being sold there.

The eviction followed a Cape High Court ruling in the city's favour.

"We have instructed the sheriff to demolish structures and evict those in 
the (informal) structures on the property, and the remaining tenants have 
until March to find other accommodation," Glen Kleinsmith, chair of the 
city's substance abuse task team, said following the court's ruling.

The city went ahead with the eviction earlier this month after the police 
provided the court with indisputable evidence of illegal activities, 
arrests and convictions for crimes relating to drug possession and dealing 
at the property and the confiscation of drugs from the property.
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