Pubdate: Sun, 14 Dec 2008
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer (MI)
Copyright: 2008 Battle Creek Enquirer
Author: Donnie W. Speck


A big "hurray" to Dr. Robert Shurmur for posting a sign  in his 
office that reads, "I do not prescribe medical  marijuana. Please do 
not ask!!" This is just another  way to mask a medical problem and 
not try to cure or  heal it. California has and is currently trying 
this  and it is a problem, admittedly, that they cannot  control.

There are better ways to deal with medical problems and  illness. And 
as the state of Michigan does so often,  this newly enacted law will 
be undermanaged, create  confusion and misunderstanding and leave 
open vast  interpretation of what can and cannot be done 
with  medical marijuana, leaving a big-time mess for state  and local 
law enforcement to try and untangle. This is  an open door for more 
abuse by those who will take full  advantage of this act to feed 
their addiction.

Why have one health problem and then create another on  top of that, 
to ease the pain for a few minutes of  being out of your mind? It is 
like getting drunk to  forget your problems - but then you wake up 
and still  have the same problems, maybe more and nothing 
has  changed. With all the drugs on the market used the  right way, I 
think doctors can help and at the same  time do what they can to 
promote healing and comfort  for those who are sick and have serious illnesses.

Don't forget the long-term effects of smoking. It is  nice to know 
there are credible doctors still out there  like Dr. Shurmur who will 
give correct, not popular,  advice.

Donnie W. Speck

Battle Creek
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