Pubdate: Mon, 01 Dec 2008
Source: North Island Mid Week (CN BC)
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Author: Dr. Ingrid Pincott
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Addictions of all sorts are rampant in our society.

I see many patients addicted to prescription medications including
anti-depressants and sleeping medications.

With these patients there are ways to support the nervous system so
that they can be weaned slowly off medication if this is agreed to by
their prescribing doctor. Treating other addictions to street drugs
and alcohol (the most widely used legal drug available without
prescription) are more complex, but nutrition and homeopathy can
definitely play an important role.

The liver and kidney are two key organs that metabolize drugs and so
these organs need extra support. Here's how:

- - Vitamin C saturation helps to chemically neutralize the toxic
breakdown of alcohol metabolism. It also increases the ability to
reverse the fatty build up in the liver that is common to alcoholics.

- - Vitamin B 50 complex: using unusually high doses of this is
important for supporting the nervous system during the withdrawal period.

- - L-glutamine is an amino acid that decreases the physiological
cravings for sugar and alcohol. It is one of two primary energy
providers for the brain. It is naturally produced in the liver and
kidneys but alcohol harms the liver and kidneys so supplementation is

- - Lecithin provides inositol and choline, two important nutrients to
help the liver mobilize fats.

- - Chromium is a mineral that helps to maintain blood sugar levels as
most addicts have trouble with low blood sugar.

- - A high-quality multi-mineral supplement will provide good levels of
calcium and magnesium which have calming effects on the nervous system
as well as providing extra anti-oxidants that will help counteract the
pro-oxidation or aging effect of addictions. Using things such as
Greens First drinks is great for extra anti-oxidant support.

There are many pharmaceutical agents used to help with anxiety and
depression that often accompany addictions but these can cause many
side effects of their own, so nutritionals are a safe and effective
addition to any program for addicts.

Jeff, 45, came into me to help with his overall health, but one of his
large obstacles to cure was his huge addiction to marijuana. I
realized from past experience that the first step of treatment was to
help him detoxify this huge load on his body.

With homeopathic remedies and the above protocol using individualized
dosages, Jeff, over the course of one year, began to lose his heavy
craving for marijuana and he began to eat what is called "The Floating
Food Pyramid."

This is a diet high in purified water, protein and non starchy
vegetables and low in carbohydrates and sugars. I encouraged Jeff in
this slow process of his addiction, but one of my key comments was,
where do you want to see yourself in one year and make baby steps in
that direction. Rome was not built in a day. The point is to ust do
it, in combination with whatever other approach that is required at
the time and the addict will hopefully find themselveson the road to

Dr. Ingrid Pincott, naturopathic physician.
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