Pubdate: Sun, 23 Nov 2008
Source: Japan Times (Japan)
Copyright: 2008 The Japan Times
Author: Patrick Fitzgerald


Regardless of my views of marijuana use, I have to say that the Nov.
19 editorial "Students and marijuana" is a sad excuse for an
editorial. Yes, in Japan, smoking marijuana is a crime; in other
places in the world, it is not. This is a fact, and that this law was
broken by a few people is another boring, unalarming fact. I'd also
like to point out another fact: Cannabis is used to treat cancer
patients in many advanced nations. Are the doctors in those countries
simply oblivious to "the harmful consequences of continued marijuana

What of the recent number of hit-and-run cases in Japan involving
drunk drivers? Alcohol is a legal killer. Tobacco is a legal killer.
Marijuana is illegal, but when was the last time that you read about a
traffic fatality involving a driver under the influence of pot?

The editorial writer should have taken the time to compare the two
trends, challenge conventional wisdom and encourage people to pause
and reflect on the bigger pictures. This editorial simply regurgitates
recent news and concludes that authorities must educate their
students! Please.

Patrick Fitzgerald

Sacramento, Calif.

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