Pubdate: Tue, 29 Jan 2008
Source: Intelligencer, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2008, Osprey Media Group Inc.
Author: Anthony J. Callighan


As you have heard, Marc Emery is set to receive a jail  sentence of up
to 10 years (Plea Deal for Canadian Pot  Activist Means Jail Time in
U.S. - Jan. 15). Charges  set by the U.S. government upon a Canadian

Distribution of marijuana seeds is not illegal in  Canada, and the
money laundering charges are bogus, as  tax records will show. Had
Emery had been in violation  of the Canadian law, we would have
arrested him long  before he was able to get rich off what the U.S.
says  is illegal.

It is unethical for the United States to charge a  Canadian citizen
for an openly transparent and taxed  Canadian business that has been
up and running for some  time now. Emery is physically inside Canada's
borders,  committing no crime under the Canadian law.

One way or the other Emery will be made an example of.  The example we
do not want him to be made, is that of  an American government that
can have Canadian citizens  arrested, detained and eventually charged
for  committing no crime under our law.

If anyone should be arrested under these circumstances,  it should be
the American citizen on the receiving end  of the seeds in the United
States. This American  citizen is buying a legitimate Canadian product
that  happens to be illegal in the United States.

Does the Canadian government want to have all the  American citizens
charged that are selling switch blade  knives and radar detectors up
into Canada? No, not  unless it is prepared for an eternity of legal
problems  for a possible minor social problem. Marijuana seeds  are a
legitimate Canadian product and are not  necessarily manifested into
the marijuana being sold on  the streets. Emery should be free on that
fact alone.

It cannot be proved beyond a doubt his seeds are  responsible for
anything. Even if they have been  responsible for marijuana inside the
United States, he  is selling a legal Canadian product from inside
Canada's borders.

Ethically, Emery is (breaking) no Canadian law and has  not physically
committed a crime inside the United  States, nor coerced anyone into
committing any American  crime. He is simply selling a Canadian
product to  consenting adults around the world. What the consumer
does with that product is their choice alone and should  be held


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