Pubdate: Fri, 25 Jan 2008
Source: Burnaby Newsleader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Burnaby Newsleader
Author: Danni Louvros


I'm getting tired of hearing this crap about places for druggies to go
shoot up, and thoughts of giving them needles and drugs to keep them
from committing crimes to get it. That's stupid. What will they do
next-build bars for the alcoholics to go hang out and drink alcohol
provided. Maybe build a casino, too, for all the people addicted to

"Here you go, a whole bunch of money! Go gamble!"

Smokers get packs of cigarettes and can go sit in the smoking lounge
that the government-actually, we-have paid for.

It's time to actually put some real thought to things.

Think simple. They might have to ask a kid. Maybe this old army base
or whatever it is they have up north. Take people out of the situation
they are in. Don't arrest them, then say quit and send them on their
way-back to be exposed once again-so they go right back to be
surrounded by the world that will just drag them back in.

Danni Louvros

New Westminster
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