Pubdate: Wed, 23 Jan 2008
Source: StarPhoenix, The (CN SN)
Copyright: 2008 The StarPhoenix
Author: Ethan Erkiletian


It is no surprise that Prairie Plant Systems CEO Brent Zettl is 
disappointed in a court ruling that effectively denies PPS the status 
of being Canada's sole provider of medical marijuana. Compassion 
clubs across Canada, which for years have been squeezed out by this 
useless business entity, finally are getting a fair chance to provide 
medical pot.

Zettl claims the use of medical marijuana is in its infancy. However, 
not only was marijuana used regularly less than 100 years ago as an 
approved medicine and found in drugstores all over Canada, but it 
served as a natural medicine for thousands of years around the world. 
It's the prohibition of marijuana that's in its infancy.

Zettl claims users are overwhelmingly pleased with PPS marijuana, 
with a return-to-sender rate of less than one per cent, which he says 
is a 99 per cent approval rating. He doesn't mention the incredibly 
low retention rate among medical marijuana users.

While people may opt to toss into the trash what they receive from 
PPS rather than return it, it doesn't mean they're satisfied. Of the 
1,399 current med-pot patients, only 338 receive dried marijuana from 
PPS. the rest either grow it themselves or get it from a designated grower.

I suggest this translates into a demonstrated 24 per cent approval of 
the PPS product. This number is in fact likely lower if turnover 
rates are taken into consideration, with new patients first trying 
PPS pot and moving to another supply.

Any company without a monopoly would have reason to be very worried 
about such horrible product ratings.

Ethan Erkiletian

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