Pubdate: Fri, 18 Jan 2008
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2008 Southam Inc.
Author: Chris Buors

Hang Onto Your Roach Clip:


Re: Not A Supporter Of Compassion Clubs, letter to the editor, Jan. 16.

Letter-writer Jim Wakeford doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that
the purpose of compassion clubs is to make cannabis easily accessible
to the ill. I operated the Manitoba Compassion Club out of my home in
Winnipeg. I suffered a home invasion as has just about every club
operator. I was arrested and sentenced to six months in jail with
three years of probation. That was the price I was willing to pay to
make cannabis available to the ill.

The Manitoba Compassion Club operated out of my home because I did not
have the capital to open a storefront. Getting robbed of my worldly
possessions and going to jail on top of it is not exactly fleecing the
poor. Not one person put a single dollar toward the Compassion Club
and I operated it on pure heart with no cash. I did so because of my
strong political beliefs that self-medication is a natural right, not
a gift from the chief magistrate.

Since my arrest no one else has bothered to serve the ill of Manitoba.
I guess Mr. Wakeford could care less about that since he is legally
exempted from our country's pot laws.

Chris Buors, Winnipeg.
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