Pubdate: Fri, 18 Jan 2008
Source: Patriot Ledger, The  (Quincy, MA)
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Author: Adam Riglian
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Study Also Shows Higher Pot Smoking Rate At Pembroke High

PEMBROKE - Nearly half of Pembroke High School students  have drunk 
alcohol and more than a quarter have smoked  marijuana in the last 
month, according to figures from  a regional health advocacy group.

The Southeast Center for Healthy Communities study  found that 48.3 
percent of Pembroke High students had  used alcohol and 25.7 percent 
had smoked marijuana in  the past 30 days.

Studies done at the high school and middle school and a  survey of 
parents were discussed during a Pembroke  Community Youth Alliance 
meeting on Thursday.

The study, which surveyed roughly 90 percent of  students, puts high 
school students in Pembroke above  national averages in alcohol and 
marijuana use by  between 3 and 4 percentage points. The students 
also were above the Massachusetts average for alcohol use  but below 
the state average for marijuana use.

Cigarette smoking by Pembroke students was also below  the state 
average, at 17.5 percent of students.

Most troubling for Pembroke High Principal Ruth Lynch  was that 30 
percent of high school seniors said they  had driven under the 
influence in the past 30 days. The  state average is 17 percent.

"The number of students that are drinking and driving,  I'm very 
concerned about that," Lynch said. "I've  worked in other high 
schools, and the most painful  experience a principal can go through 
is the death of a  student, and when it is related to drugs or 
alcohol,  it's just tragic."

A meeting has been scheduled for 7 p.m. Jan. 30 at the  Pembroke 
Public Library so residents can talk about how  to respond to the 
survey results.
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