Pubdate: Mon, 08 Sep 2008
Source: Yukon News (CN YK)
Copyright: 2008 Yukon News
Author: Redford Givens
Cited: DRCNet


Re: Cannabis Crusader Calls On Whitehorse:

The wackos in pot prohibition are the cretins who support a marijuana
policy based on utter nonsense.

".persons using this narcotic smoke the dry leaves of the plant, which has
the effect of driving them completely insane. The addict loses all sense
of moral responsibility.

"Addicts to this drug, while under its influence, are immune to pain.
While in this condition they become raving maniacs and are liable to kill
or indulge in any forms of violence to other persons, using the most
savage methods of cruelty without, as said before, any sense of moral

Emily Murphy, writing under the pen name of "Janey Canuck."

Nowhere in RCMP reports do we hear about any violence or truly insane
behavior associated with pot smoking. The fact that "marijuana gatherings"
are always totally peaceful disproves the alibis used to keep marijuana
laws on the books.

The only notable effect of marijuana use seems to be "the munchies."

Apparently, preventing marijuana-enhanced appetites is sufficient reason
for the RCMP to abandon all truth and honor.

Redford Givens, webmaster, DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy, San