Pubdate: Fri, 05 Sep 2008
Source: Yukon News (CN YK)
Copyright: 2008 Yukon News
Author: Bruce Symington


Re: Cannabis Crusader Calls On Whitehorse (the News, August 29):

Your item on Marc Emery's visit to Yukon was entertaining and enlightening
for the most part, but most readers would be left feeling a little
confused as to the truth regarding cannabis (marijuana, pot, reefer, etc.)
because both sides made claims.

Emery claimed that pot does not lead to worse driving, that it stimulates
the creation of brain cells, ends morning sickness and does not cause lung

The local medical officer, Brendan Handley, refuted those assertions.
Neither side cited any science supporting their positions, and therein
lies the source of confusion.

The writer of the item could, of course, have prevented this confusion if
they would have taken a quick look at the internet, where all of the
science regarding pot is easily available at ,
, and

To save the readers the trouble, I will summarize: pot has been shown to
make drivers more cautious, as they are aware of their impairment.

That does not make them better drivers, neither does it make them worse
drivers. The study was conducted by the insurance industry to determine
whether there is any cause for concern in their industry. Their conclusion
was that there is no concern.

Studies in Germany have found that pot smokers suffer less, not more lung
and other cancers than non smokers, and they have demonstrated in the lab
that cannabis kills tumour cells.

This has been known for at least 20 years, but suppressed by the Powers
That Be for their own reasons.

It has also been shown to slow the progress of Alzheimer's, and to
stimulate growth of new brain cells. Pot's anti-nausea properties are well
known, and its use for morning sickness is just an example of this.

Whether the children of these births are more creative as Emery asserts,
is not confirmed, however pot does stimulate creativity in adults, and
their children, having been exposed to these creative parents would be
expected to demonstrate more creativity than their non stimulated peers.

Other statements made by Emery can be likewise checked on these websites,
or one could read the excellent book Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts by
Lyn Zimmer, PhD and Dr. John P. Morgan, MD, which is readily available at
your local head shop.

When Handley made his comments, stating incorrectly that there are no
studies backing Emery's assertions, he exposed his ignorance.

Unfortunately, any health-care professional who has not taken the trouble
to keep up on information available will continue to spew the party line
due to this ignorance.

I suggest that Handley do some research prior to making any subsequent

Bruce Symington

Medicine Hat, Alberta