Pubdate: Wed, 08 Aug 2007
Source: Washington Times (DC)
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Author: Allan Erickson


Paul Kengor's commentary "A conservative take on drugs" (Forum, 
Sunday) is atypically bad. His take on those of us who oppose the war 
on drugs, also known as Prohibition II, is wrong in many ways. 
Primarily, his notion that legalization advocacy is solely a 
libertarian view is absurd.

I would point to former Secretary of State George Shultz, the late 
economist Milton Friedman and a man Mr. Kengor quotes, William F. 
Buckley, as non-libertarians against the drug war. The good professor 
should know that Mr. Buckley was friends with Peter McWilliams, a man 
whose death still lays at the feet of Prohibitionists. Mr. 
McWilliams' death is one of the saddest examples of our present-day 
Prohibition's errant ways, and Mr. Buckley is no friend of the drug war.

Even former Rep. Bob Barr, who almost a decade ago held Washington 
voters' ballots hostage for nearly a year because of the medical 
cannabis (Measure 59) issue, is supporting the Marijuana Policy Project.


Drug Policy Forum of Oregon

Eugene, Ore.
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