Pubdate: Wed, 18 Jul 2007
Source: Salmon Arm Observer (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 Salmon Arm Observer
Author: Klaus Kaczor


You are not correct to assume that marijuana would have the same
effect on our society as alcohol. The two are not similar.

The possibility of having less consumption as in Holland where it is
quasi legal is real. The task of an all-out drug war is a fantasy of
right-wing zealots, whose plans-often never live up to their
promise. The choice is not relevant, as marijuana is being
produced, distributed and consumed all around us at all times.

There is zero effective control with the number of cops we have now,
in fact there is steady overall growth. Therefore doubling the police
assets would have a net effect of zero or perhaps increased growth.

 From all rational, historic evidence the only solution for this mess
is repeal. Nothing else adds up.

Klaus Kaczor

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