Pubdate: Thu, 19 Jul 2007
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Copyright: 2007 The Dallas Morning News
Author: Larry Nickerson

Letters: Folly Of The War On Drugs


Re: "Guns at the Ready - Colombia's FARC a threat still worth 
fighting," Monday Editorials, and "Marijuana plants discovered close 
to Dallas DEA offices," Friday Metro.

Those of us who have followed the drug war take note of The Dallas 
Morning News' recent new fervor for a war that, like Iraq, has 
created much opposition due to the folly of its policies.

The editorial laments the Colombian FARC, yet it is U.S. drug war 
policies that grew the narco factions and keeps them well financed 
and strong today. Those policies empowered the narcos to take down 
South American countries one by one.

We can't keep illegal drugs out of our prisons, much less off our 
streets. The ungodly amount of money is a result of the black market 
and the opportunities to get in on the take.

When the local Drug Enforcement Administration cannot even keep a 
notable growing operation out of its back yard in Dallas, you have to 
wonder who is in on it.

Larry Nickerson, Haltom City
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