Pubdate: Sat, 14 Jul 2007
Source: Los Angeles City Beat (CA)
Copyright: 2007 Southland Publishing
Note: Also prints Los Angeles Valley Beat, often with similar 
content, and the same contact information.
Author: Kirk Muse


Regarding your thoughtful editorial "A Free Pass" [July 7]: It seems 
a little strange that Bush would consider Scooter Libby's 30-month 
prison sentence for the crime of lying under oath to cover up the 
crime of treason "excessive."

It also seems a little strange that Bush has no concern for those 
terms to multi-decade prison terms for the not-so-heinous crime of 
growing or transporting the natural herb marijuana. The natural herb 
that has never been documented for killing a single person in the 
5,000-year history of its use.

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Arizona
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