Pubdate: Tue, 17 Jul 2007
Source: Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
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Clovis, N.M. Program Cited As Example

The Clovis, N.M. school district is a trendsetter in regard to student health.

And, hopefully, more school districts in New Mexico will follow Clovis' lead.

The Lovington, N.M., school board is considering implementing a 
random drug-testing program for students choosing to participate in 
extracurricular activities such as athletics, choir and band.

Lovington is basing its proposal, in part, on a similar drug-testing 
program in Clovis, which was approved in 2001.

According to Clovis Municipal Schools, the district's random drug 
testing policy is designed to:

"Provide a deterrent to the use of illegal drugs by students 
participating in athletics at Clovis High School - Grades 8-12."

"Give students a valid reason to resist peer pressure to use illegal drugs."

"Prevent injury, illness and harm as a result of drug use and its effects."

"Educate students as to the serious physical, mental and emotional 
harm caused by the use of illegal drugs."

The district tests between 10 and 25 percent of students in grades 8 
through 12 up to 18 times a year.

A number of Texas Panhandle school districts have used similar random 
drug-testing programs for years, including Tulia, and the 
constitutionality of these tests has held up under legal scrutiny.

Indeed, the Texas Legislature took the responsibility of student 
health to an even greater degree during the recently completed 
session, approving a mandatory random steroid testing law for high 
school athletes. It remains to be seen if this program will be 
operational by this fall, but clearly lawmakers recognized the need 
to protect students.

The more school districts that follow this example, the better off 
all students will be.
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