Pubdate: Sun, 15 Jul 2007
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Copyright: 2007 The Dallas Morning News
Author: Robert Guest


Re: "At the End of the Line - There are hidden costs of recreational 
drug use," July 8 Editorials.

Let me tell you why you can step away from the sink and put down the 
blood-washing soap: Your editorial points out negative externalities 
of prohibition. By choosing prohibition, we have chosen everything 
the editorial wants people to feel bad about.

Do you really think the Taliban can supply heroin better than Pfizer? 
Do Colombian guerrilla armies sell us laptops or organic milk? Do we 
have Oak Cliff gangs enforcing alcohol and tobacco turf and selling 
beer to kids?

If we had legal markets for drugs, those entities would be out of 
business. The government chose criminals and terrorists as our 
nation's drug suppliers. We incarcerate millions of Americans and 
conduct home invasion searches to enforce this failed policy.

This misguided guilt trip from The Dallas Morning News is typical of 
those who do not understand that prohibition is the cause of our 
nation's drug problems, foreign and domestic. We can only win the 
drug war by ending prohibition.

Until then, spare me the moral outrage.

Robert Guest, Ennis
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