Pubdate: Wed, 11 Jul 2007
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
Copyright: 2007 Canoe Limited Partnership
Author: Matthew M. Elrod


Re: Bail decision shocking, July 10.

In response to Justice Karen Simonsen granting bail to Daniell 
Anderson, who is charged with attempting to murder several police 
officers, columnist Tom Brodbeck opined that, because of the very 
serious charges against him, Anderson is "a substantial risk to re-offend."

Indeed. Mr. Anderson claims he was trying to drive away home invaders 
when he blindly fired a shotgun in their general direction through a 
closed bathroom door, only to learn the invaders were police officers 
conducting a drug raid when they returned fire, hitting him twice.

After an adrenalin rush like that, street-level drug dealing must 
seem dull. I would wager Anderson is hiding in his parent's bathroom 
right now, just waiting for more cops to come into range.

Matthew M. Elrod

Victoria, B.C.

(Hopefully, one day we'll know the whole story.)
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