Pubdate: Fri, 06 Jul 2007
Source: Niagara This Week (CN ON)
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Author: Clifford A. Schaffer
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Re. 'Revisit pot law,' June 29 editorial:

Your editors got it partly right. Marijuana prohibition should be 
repealed. There is no real question about that.

The part they got wrong was the supposed "dearth" of evidence. Your 
editors should review the Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy at The collection includes the full 
text of most of the major government commission reports from around 
the world over the last 100 years. If your editors will read them, 
they will find that there is no "dearth" of evidence and never has 
been. They will also find that every commission reached remarkably 
similar conclusions.

In 1973, President Nixon's U.S. National Commission on Marihuana and 
Drug Abuse completed the largest study of the drug laws ever done. At 
the end of their research, they said that the real drug problem was 
not marijuana, or heroin, or cocaine.

The real drug problem, they said, is the ignorance of public 
officials who have never bothered to read the most basic research.

Read the research. Then ask any elected official if they can even 
name any of these government commission reports. You won't find a 
single one of them who has laid eyes on any of them. The real problem 
is ignorance -- and, in many cases, the ignorance is deliberate.

Clifford A. Schaffer, director

DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy

Agua Dulce, California
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