Pubdate: Fri, 06 Jul 2007
Source: Daily Iowan, The (IA Edu)
Copyright: 2007 The Daily Iowan
Author: Kirk Muse

Wrong hits 4 civil rights

I'm writing about Beau Elliot's thoughtful column, "Wicked Wacky"
(July 3). Obviously, the so-called conservative Supreme Court justices
felt high-school students should not have freedom of speech when they
talk or write about our sacred war on drugs.

"Bong Hits 4 Jesus" brings into question one of America's most sacred
institutions: our war on drugs. Without our sacred war on drugs,
America would not be the most incarcerated nation is the history of
human civilization. Then we would need far fewer law-enforcement
personnel, far fewer prison and jail guards, and no prison or jail

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ariz.
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