Pubdate: Wed, 04 Jul 2007
Source: Western Star, The (CN NF)
Copyright: 2007 The Western Star


Summer holidays can be carefree, but it's also a time for parents to
worry about their children and the availability of drugs.

Illegal drugs are on the streets of many communities in this province
and they're offered for sale by drug dealers eager to make a buck off
people willing to experiment and try something new.

The people who sell drugs are not concerned about the consequences.
The goal is to make money and all they need is someone willing to try.

Many illicit drugs are already common on our streets and lives are
being altered drastically. Drug use can bring hardship for the user,
untold problems for the user's family and friends and hardship for the

Simply trying some drugs can be a risk to one's life. The people who
manufacture the drugs aren't concerned about safety, they just want
the profit. The mixture of chemicals can actually kill some users.
Some drugs can make a user addicted on the first try and eventually
cause harm to the user's body. For many people, there is no quick fix.

But things will only go from bad to worse if crystal meth becomes
commonplace in your community. Some drug dealers are lacing other
drugs, like marijuana, with meth. It's a sneaky way to get their
customers hooked on meth.

Harmful drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and prescription drugs are in
most communities and the concern is even greater when things like meth
are added to the list.

The community must be vigilant and residents must be willing to help
police put the dealers out of business.

Parents must be alert and talk to their children. Explain the dangers
of trying something they know nothing about, and discuss the
consequences of using drugs.

Remember, drug dealers don't care about their customers - the sale is
the thing.
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