Pubdate: Sat, 30 Jun 2007
Source: Western Star, The (CN NF)
Copyright: 2007 The Western Star
Author: Michael Downey, The Western Star
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Apparently, the town of Wawota, Saskatchewan is a hysterical 
backwater police state. Who knew? Most people probably wouldn't, 
considering Wawota is seemingly just another small town dotting the 
map of this fetid and deteriorating nation. Like hundreds of its 
brethren, it will gain national attention once in it's lifetime for 
the type of absurdity you can't ignore, and that only a small town is 
capable of fostering.

I'm sure that by now you've all seen the headlines about what Wawota, 
Sask., does to its young people who educate themselves during their 
free time. In case you've somehow missed this bizarre civil rights 
twister, I'll give you a recap of the atrocities you can expect to 
face if you ever decide you want to raise your children in small town 

A few weeks ago Kieran King, the hapless extoller of common sense and 
centerpiece of controversy, was sitting in his Grade 10 class at 
Wawota Parkland School, undergoing an attempted brainwashing by an 
audiovisual presentation on the dangers of drugs. Now I'm sure you 
all know what I'm talking about - the type of high school 
presentation that portrays marijuana is a dangerous and addictive 
substance that young people ingest before turning into horrible drug 
addled hobgoblins who will rape your women-folk and suck out the 
eyeballs of your children blah blah blah. The Evils of Marijuana 
presentations, which for some unknown reason, despite being factually 
incorrect distortions of the truth, continue to play in schools each year.

Kieran King, a 15-year-old honours student, who, by all accounts, 
does not smoke pot and, in fact, has never even seen the drug, 
decided to do some research himself. Despite his age, I'm willing to 
believe Kieran's drug-free position, regardless of the fact that his 
own personal drug use or lack thereof is irrelevant since what 
happened next has less to do with drugs, and all to do with free 
speech and an intelligence that most human beings lack. The result of 
his research was that Kieran learned a widely recognized fact outside 
of government and school policy, and that is that marijuana is 
probably the least dangerous drug on the planet. So he told his 
classmates of his findings -especially the widely accepted truth that 
alcohol and tobacco is far more dangerous, to the point of 
ridiculousness considering the availability of both.

I can identify with what happened next, because I've worn these 
shoes. The abhorrent abomination known as the public education system 
really helps foster independent thought in young people - especially 
when it threatens to call the police, which principal Susan Wilson 
did in order to crush the life out of anybody who stands to threaten 
government propagation of lies about drugs.

Kieran felt his rights were being threatened, so he organized a 
meagre protest outside the school involving a half dozen social 
radicals. The school was thrown into lockdown and the RCMP were 
called, who arrived to find Kieran, his brother, an NDP member, and a 
few members of the Marijuana Party standing quietly in the parking lot.

As a result, Kieran was suspended during exams, dropping his grades 
30 points, which won't cause him to fail since he's an honour 
student, but will damage his overall grade. Wawota Parkland School 
has drawn media attention to what is an embodiment of disaster in the 
public education system. All across the country, officials are making 
a farce out of the concept of education by disseminating the only 
things they know - long incubated distortions of the truth about 
history, drugs, gender roles, politics, etc.

It's not just the threat to free speech that has been embodied in 
this Wawota fiasco - it's the widely encouraged insult to common 
sense and thirst for learning. School lockdowns and police 
intervention; because one student took it upon himself to undertake 
what all students should be encouraged to undertake: the pursuit of 
knowledge on one's own accord.

But I guess that sort of initiative doesn't have a place in a system 
designed not to produce thinkers, but obedient, half-asleep, 
corporate knobs. Yes, this has all marked another sad chapter in the 
downward spiral of this nation. The public education system is rife 
with travesties such as this one. With the retirement of so many baby 
boomers in the next few years, the tide will turn quickly towards a 
younger generation of new teachers, which I'm hoping will cause an 
upswing in the integrity of public education, and hopefully, much 
needed changes to the foreboding spectre that it has become.
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