Pubdate: Wed, 27 Jun 2007
Source: Independent (Malta)
Copyright: 2007, Standard Publications Ltd


Sedqa agency is launching two main campaigns for this summer aimed at 
raising awareness about alcohol and drugs respectively.

The alcohol awareness campaign is a continuation of previous summer 
campaigns and its aim is to increase consciousness about the issue of 
excessive alcohol consumption, especially among young people.

The drug awareness campaign will aim at making young people aware of 
the very possible dangerous outcomes of drug abuse, especially when 
mixed with alcohol or other drugs. The target audience for this 
campaign includes young adults who visit entertainment venues and who 
may be at risk of experimenting with drugs within that setting.

Today is International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit 
Trafficking, which prompted sedqa to reiterate its stance in 
encouraging everyone to stay free of illicit drugs.

Sedqa is marking 13 years of prevention programmes and care services 
in the field of substance abuse. Set up in June 1994, sedqa's 
ultimate aim has been to offer health promotion, prevention, 
treatment, and rehabilitation services to persons with drug, alcohol, 
and/or gambling problems, and to their families.
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