Pubdate: Mon, 11 Jun 2007
Source: Kuwait Times (Kuwait)
Copyright: 2007 Kuwait Times Newspaper
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KUWAIT: Kuwait security forces are irate with the favoritism American
expatriates caught violating the laws of Kuwait receive. According to
an article in the local Arabic daily, Al-Qabas,  unnamed sources claim
that Americans arrested for alcohol and drug-related crimes are
receiving special treatment.

When policemen or detectives arrest certain criminals or gang members,
they publish the piece of news in daily newspapers in addition to the
pictures of arrested men or women and police men will be praised for
that after publishing all details about the arrested persons. But the
case is totally different when an American expatriate is arrested. He
will be treated well, policemen apologize for arresting him and the
American criminal will be allowed to call his embassy in order to ask
for a lawyer in which the lawyer will exert great efforts to prove
that police men were the ones who committed a mistake, not the
American expatriate, reports Al-Qabas citing unnamed security sources.

These security sources claim that there has been a spike in criminal
activity by American expatriates in Kuwait, especially with regards to
dealing drugs like marijuana, selling alcohol and organizing parties
and other vice dens.

The Qabas article goes on to compare the treatment received by
Bangladeshi expatriates who are caught committing such crimes.
According to the unnamed police sources cited, Such crimes are [also]
committed by sons of the Bangladeshi community [in Kuwait] but
Bangladeshi expatriates will be raided by police swiftly and
continuously, while Americans establish such parties and a lot of
people know that these parties are managed by Americans that endanger
the social and security circumstances.

The US Embassy issued a warden notice April 24 reminding Americans
living in Kuwait that they are subject to the laws of the country,
including those related to alcohol and drugs.  The United States
Embassy in Kuwait City wishes to remind all American citizens that
throughout their stay in the State of Kuwait they are subject to local

In addition, please be reminded that alcohol and narcotics are
prohibited in Kuwait and that those arrested for possession or trade
of those substances are dealt with harshly by Kuwaiti law enforcement.
The Embassy cannot intervene to free Americans who have been arrested,
nor can it represent Americans at trial, give legal advice or pay
legal fees and/or fines with US Government funds.

Several Americans have been arrested in the last year for involvement
with alcohol or drugs. One US citizen was caught with the highly
addictive drug Crystal Meth, also known as ICE. Another American due
was arrested earlier this year in Salmiya with dozens of bottles of
whiskey and a firearm. 
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