Pubdate: Mon, 11 Jun 2007
Source: Burlington Free Press (VT)
Copyright: 2007 Burlington Free Press
Author: Colin McNaul


The article "Supreme Court rules search illegal, tosses drug 
evidence" (May 31) clearly shows the need to legalize all drugs now, 
because there is no consensus in the United States to universally 
make them illegal. What we have is a mishmash of selective 
prosecution with too many people in jail as a result of being at the 
wrong place at the wrong time.

To wit: man has 27.7 grams of cocaine. Man pleads guilty to the 
drug-possession charge. Court disallows evidence because court does 
not like the way evidence is obtained. Man intends to sue the Vermont 
taxpayers because court has decided he is "innocent." Man will 
probably win in court and we taxpayers will be out another 
$100,000-plus that could be better spent on our needs or on bridge 
repair. This is the way we deal with illegal drugs and it makes no sense.

If all drugs were legal, this would not have been a societal problem, 
just a family one. The other one that shows the selective prosecution 
side is one drug dealer shoots another drug dealer. The shooter gets 
90 days; the one who is shot gets five years. We should legalize 
drugs now, because there is no will to make them illegal. This would 
also save money.

Colin McNaull

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