Pubdate: Thu, 31 May 2007
Source: Williams Lake Tribune, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 Williams Lake Tribune
Author: Meghan Citra, PSO Student Writer


A few years ago, seven Vancouver Police Department officers developed
an educational video for youth on drug abuse.

All of these officers had worked the Downtown Eastside beat, an area
internationally known for its open street drug scene.

For two years, they carried a video camera and caught footage that
formed the basis of a National Film Board documentary called "Through
a Blue Lens".

In the film, they documented the lives of several addicts as they
struggled with the physiological and psychological effects of drugs.
The drugs that are mentioned in the documentary are: cocaine, heroin,
tobacco, meth, and many more. Calling themselves the "Odd Squad", the
officers have also shot two additional documentaries following
"Through a Blue Lens" about the impacts of drug use on society.

On Wednesday, May 23, two members of the Odd Squad, Sgt. Toby Hinton
and Constable Mark Steinkampf, came to the Peter Skene Ogden Secondary

They presented one of their documentaries to the students and also
thoroughly went over the impact of drugs on society and how easily
someone can become addicted to drugs.

They revealed what sorts of chemicals are put into drugs such as meth
and described the risks of becoming addicted to such drugs.

Also, the two members of the Odd Squad were accompanied by Randy
Miller. A recovered addict, Randy Miller is one of few people who have
lived through the experience of drugs and recovered fully.

He has a remarkable story to tell students and seriously warns
students of the consequences of drug use and addiction.

The overall message that the Odd Squad is trying to deliver is the
knowledge of drugs and how they can affect your life and those whom
you love. For more information, see their webpage

Their site offers their documentary videos, more educational
information on drugs, and contact information.

The Odd Squad can be booked to give presentations in schools and at
community forums.

The program contains coarse language and some graphic scenes of drug
use. A mature audience is advised.
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