Pubdate: Thu, 17 May 2007
Source: NOW Magazine (CN ON)
Copyright: 2007 NOW Communications Inc.
Author: Kevin Draper
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I would like to congratulate and commend the more than 15,000 people 
who participated in the Toronto leg of the Global Marijuana March at 
Queen's Park May 5 (NOW, May 10-16).

The sheer number of people who responsibly and safely used marijuana 
was an eloquent statement in itself on the absurdity and hypocrisy of 
our draconian substance laws.

Toronto got a good up-close look at thousands of our society's 
closeted marijuana users. Many were probably shocked to see some of 
their own kind amongst the demonstrators.

Judging by the rally's respectful and non-violent tone (the march has 
seen zero arrests in its nine years), we can be optimistic in 
assuming that a clear statement was made about the petty, fascist 
laws that govern pot smoking.

Kevin Draper

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