Pubdate: Wed, 09 May 2007
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2007, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Sam Pazzano, Courts Bureau


Mother Accused Of Forcing Daughter To Have Sex For Drugs 'Taking This 
Quite Hard'

A crack-addicted woman whose developmentally challenged daughter was 
allegedly used for sex in an Etobicoke flophouse was described 
yesterday as a victim herself.

"This is a tragic case all round with victims, witnesses and the 
accused," lawyer Donald McLeod said after his 42-year-old client 
appeared briefly at College Park court.

The woman, facing a charge of corrupting a child, looked youthful but 
sad, holding her hand over her mouth and occasionally biting her lip.

She only once looked back at the handful of family members -- 
including her own mother -- sitting in court. She was remanded into custody.

McLeod said he'll seek his client's release at a bail hearing next 
Tuesday, relying on the woman's large support network.

"She's a good candidate for bail, especially with the wealth of 
family support she has," McLeod said outside court. "She is taking 
this quite hard. She appears okay, but she has ebbs and flows. This 
is very difficult on her.

"She asked about her daughter and I was able to give her some 
information. I haven't personally spoken to her. She is being taken care of."

The accused's mother, overcome with emotion, rushed from the 
courtroom before her daughter's arrival.

"I don't think anyone can imagine the impact this is having on this 
family," McLeod said.

"We're dealing with people involved in this case ... (with) personal 
tragedies that will come out later. Canadians at large will have to 
look at the broader issues in this case," he said, declining to 
elaborate due to a publication ban.

Toronto Police allege the woman traded her daughter for sex with men 
in exchange for drugs and money and also gave the girl crack cocaine.


"It's despicable when you look at the vulnerability of this girl," 
Supt. Ron Taverner said last week. "It's something I don't think many 
of us have seen in policing and many of us in the community are quite 
frankly outraged."

Six men, ranging from 19 to 55, have been charged with a string of 
sex-related offences involving the girl. Up to four other men could 
be charged if police can identify them and track them down.

Police alleged the assaults occurred from November 2005 to November 
2006 at a Humberline Dr. apartment being used as a flophouse.

Police said the victim was allegedly forced to perform anal, oral and 
vaginal sex acts with men who were smoking drugs in the apartment. 
The mother was reportedly present when some of the assaults took 
place, Taverner said.

The girl is with relatives.
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